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Benefits of Hiring a Russian-Speaking Lawyer

Benefits of Hiring a Russian-Speaking Lawyer

Benefits of Hiring a Russian-Speaking Lawyer

When it comes to sensitive legal matters where the stakes are high, such as filing for divorce, securing child custody, drafting an estate plan, etc. language can be a significant barrier to achieving success in your case. If you are unable to understand the law, statutory provisions, filing deadlines, etc. then you are putting yourself at risk of enduring the harsh penalties that can be levied through the U.S. legal system. This is why you need an attorney by your side who speaks both English and Russian. They will be able to effectively articulate your position in English, but also effectively communicate the situation to you in your native Russian language.

Encountering the U.S. Legal System is Unavoidable

If you are a native speaker of the Russian language and currently reside in the United States, it is extremely important to be prepared and know what to do if you encounter the legal system in some way. Whether it be a run-of-the-mill speeding ticket, parking citation, or something more serious like filing for divorce or drafting an estate plan, you need to be proactive and ensure your language is not a barrier or hindrance to protecting your legal rights.

Complexities of the U.S. Legal System

Effectively navigating the U.S. legal system is difficult, even for native English speakers. This is why it is incredibly important to retain the services of a talented attorney who speaks Russian, but also possesses the experience and skills to advocate for your best interests and achieve success in the courtroom to resolve your legal matter.

Risks Involved in Hiring an Interpreter for Legal Matters

As a native Russian-speaker, you may be more inclined to represent yourself and simply hire an interpreter to attend court hearings. To be blunt, this is a recipe for disaster. Why? Because an interpreter is limited to only translating your statements from Russian to English. The interpreter will be unable to offer legal advice or counsel on what to do to properly prepare for an upcoming court hearing or deposition. The interpreter will have no idea what  needs to be included in an estate plan to ensure it is legally valid. This is why it makes more sense to retain the services of a Russian-speaking lawyer who practices in California.

Benefits of Hiring a Russian-Speaking Attorney

There is a high probability that you will, at some point, need to engage with an aspect of the U.S. legal system. The situation may even require the assistance of an attorney to help you draft a document or file a pleading. The situation may also call for the attorney to represent you in a divorce or child custody proceeding or require the establishment of specific financial accounts related to an estate plan. In fact, the list of why you may require an attorney is endless.

Finding a reputable and respected attorney who is available to work with you and your budget could potentially be difficult. This is true even for native English speakers. Furthermore, finding a skilled and experienced Russian-speaking attorney who is available to work with you and fits within your budget in the area of law you need is even more difficult. For whatever reason, many people decide to retain the services of English-speaking lawyers, even if it creates more problems rather than achieving solutions. Do not make the same mistake. Retain the services of a respected and experienced bilingual lawyer who can communicate in both Russian and English. A bilingual attorney possesses the ability to convey required information and messages with accuracy, which saves you both time and money, as well as allows you to effectively present your case to the court.

Other benefits associated with hiring a Russian-speaking lawyer:

  • Having a Russian-speaking attorney by your side will provide you with confidence and reassurance, knowing that your case is being handled exactly the way you want it to be handled.
  • A Russian-speaking attorney will assist you by preventing you from suffering significant losses, be it your children or significant sums of money, in your life, as a result of a legal issue.

A Russian-Speaking Lawyer Can Help Simplify The Legal Process and Remove Major Language Barriers

Not understanding the language can become challenging and may create significant issues. The inability to understand the language can cause misunderstandings and may complicate your case. This is why it is so helpful to hire a respected and reputable Russian-speaking lawyer. When you have a bilingual attorney on your side, it will significantly decrease the likelihood of misunderstandings and unnecessary issues. For example, a Russian-speaking lawyer will help you present your thoughts, positions, and concerns to the court effectively and precisely, both in court hearings and court filings.

How a Russian-Speaking Lawyer Can Assist You in Specific Cases

1. Reviewing Legal Documents and Related Records

Whether you are looking to create an estate plan, or require representation for a divorce or custody matter, a Russian-speaking lawyer can guide you accurately through the process.

2. Family Law Proceedings

Family law is a specialized area of the law that requires a level of expertise to effectively navigate the array of statutory provisions, common law, case law and other provisions related to divorce, child custody, spousal support, and so forth. Obviously, there are two sides to every story. The same is true for legal matters. This is why it makes sense to retain the services of a Russian-speaking attorney. Why? Because they can effectively tell your story so that it does not go untold. When you hire a Russian-speaking lawyer, you will have comfort in knowing that a Russian-speaking attorney will review your case thoroughly, analyze it, and provide you with sound legal advice.

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